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401k Advisor Archives - Ask Tom Clark

Learning Management Systems Are Coming of Age

Online education is flourishing worldwide. The growth and popularity of online universities like the University of Phoenix have drawn mainline universities like Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Penn State and many others into the fold. Team-Treehouse, an independent firm providing technology education, has more than 50,000 current students learning to code.… Read More

EPCRS: Whats in it for the Plan Sponsor

Mistakes happen and in the case of 401(k) plans, even a “foot fault” in plan operation can be disastrous, resulting in the loss of the plans tax-favored status
followed by substantial fees including taxes, interest, and penalties. ankfully, the IRS recognizes this and created the Employee Plans Compliance Resolution System (EPCRS).… Read More

Strengthening Retirement Security

President Trump issued an Executive Order on August 31, 2018, directing the Department of Labor (DOL) and the Department of Treasury (Treasury) to ease
the barriers employers face in o ering retirement plans and increase employee access to retirement bene t programs. e Executive Order addressed the following three areas of concern.… Read More

The Pendulum Swings Again

The Department of Labor (DOL) recently issued Field Assistance Bulletin (FAB) 2018–01, which provides guidance to its national and regional o ces relating to how plan duciaries can take environmental, social, or governance (ESG) considerations into account when making plan investments. Perhaps, not surprisingly, the DOL’s current view on these issues is considerably narrower than those expressed by the prior Administration.… Read More

Changing State of Plan Provider Lit

It has been reported that the Philadelphia office of the Employee Benefits Security Administra- tion (EBSA), the investigative arm of the DOL, has
recently begun investigations of retirement plans focusing on “excessive fees.” Why is the DOL doing this now?… Read More